They have a certain commanding presence, balanced with a firm yet tender seductiveness. Personally, I think prostitution should be legal everywhere. Please enter the required information. The fact that your wife married you may give the rest of these woman some indication of what to expect from a German. Just like in America, you have some iffy German guys as well. The standards of education are much lower — so someone with an advanced degree in Germany does NOT equate to an advanced degree in America.

Hairy german men The German dating scene is terrible. It makes them feel super macho! I thought German guys are shy but he seems to come on pretty strong and fast. The German people are so humble! I agree in everything you said about German men except for one thing. Sex time is when they seem to excel; becoming out-and-out freaks in a good way. But attracting German man was last thing on my mind. Alright: German men? Matt jerks off K views. Instead, we gravitate toward Germans who tend to be educated, well-traveled and able to consume alcohol in social situations without winding up tasered senseless and thrown into the back of a cop car. Right on, right on! They are stoic by nature, but more than make up for it during their abundant moments of passion. Every single one of his friends is the same! I mean, sausages, pork, beef? I think you should start your own blog. Ebony Hairy Pussy Women

Thanks for the interesting text. Post to Cancel. But for me, the men with color skin like Middle eastern and Latino are hotter. My two youngest sons are quite hairy. I believe in positive, helpful, interesting but wise information. Like I wanted to endear myself to the young male population of Germany by listing all the ways in which they rule?

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You have a unique writing style. The school systems are EXTREMELY practical, and rather than everything being so damn standardized like in the States, students can focus their studies in high school such as language arts or math and science. Human insanity and stupidity at its finest. I had to re-read it. Tell it, Razor!

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But still, we pierce our ears, right? I have absolutely no motivation to give out dating advice, especially when it might help young German men get a little extra honey on their stingers. We talked quite a fair bit about stuffs like what we like in a partner, what we want in the future etc. Six pack abs are everywhere, as are broad shoulders and sculpted jawlines.

I was uncut, but a recurring case of phimosis resulted in a circumcision. I know several German men and can personally verify , although I would add with regard to 3: although they may be humble, it is inconceivable that they could ever be wrong about anything they decide they are right about. In conclusion, be proud of who you are, and to thine own self be true. When I first came here, I felt the difference.

Second on the list was pubic hair, which over 27 percent of young men said they liked to keep either trimmed or completely shaved.