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Patent lawyers also suggest to make practical changes in its laws according to the current e-environment like making materials accessible within six months to one year and protecting the content from manipulation and creative infringement of the same under copyright laws to lessen the current piracy problems. The Government of India is able to block access to the websites because of this protocol only. Indian Express. A majority of the torrent sites have been blocked in India. Play Now. This means the DNS of the blocked site was added to a list maintained by the internet service provider and whenever a user tried connecting to that site, the DNS server of the internet service provider would block that request. Sign In. Mostly these bans are instigated under copyright and trademark infringement through film studio scare without proper security measures and lists that they provide without proper research or professional technical services. This website uses proxy servers to help you open any website, you will access the website in India through proxy servers that are placed in other countries. Many of these services are malvertising , click away access and pops ups, how does the government intend to tackle these issues and problems with the current plan that is heavily in favor of corporation's margin and doesn't cater to its users needs. This was gained through falsifying data that these sites are uploading videos when it is a user centered activity and covering up the fact each of these websites have active departments to regulate any sorts of infringement and misuse of their services. Though some critics say this would be lifted eventually by seeing the fallacy as in similar previous cases.